Jeffrey Ladish

Executive Director

Before starting Palisade, Jeffrey helped build out the information security program at Anthropic through his security consulting company, Gordian. Jeffrey has also helped dozens of tech companies, philanthropic organizations, and existential-risk-focused projects get started with secure infrastructure. Jeffrey’s research has included analyzing risks at the intersection of cybersecurity and AI, emerging biotechnology threats, and risks from nuclear war, and he has helped advise the White House, Department of Defense, and other areas of government on risks from AI and emerging technologies. When not busy applying the security mindset to everything, Jeffrey loves to roller blade, ski and snowboard, and explore places rarely disturbed by a human presence.

Charlie Rogers-Smith

Chief of Staff

Charlie is consulting for Palisade on research and strategy via the Center For Applied Rationality (CFAR), and is Palisade’s acting Chief of Staff. Prior to working with Palisade, Charlie instructed at CFAR and ran several workshops through their Telos Programme. Before that, he worked on building the AI safety community—publishing a popular career guide for technical AI alignment that was later adapted into 80,000 Hours’ career review. And before that, he developed Bayesian ML models to estimate the effectiveness of interventions against COVID. He published his research in PNAS and Nature Communications, and Tyler Cowen said his first-author paper was ‘The best mask-wearing study so far?’ (emphasis on the ‘?’). He has a Master’s in Statistics from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from the beaches of St Andrews. He loves to dance West Coast Swing, meditate, and circle.

Kyle Scott

Treasurer (3h/wk)

Kyle is the Operations Manager at the Alignment Research Center, which works to evaluate capabilities and develop alignment techniques for cutting-edge machine learning models. He has over a decade of experience in non profit administration and spends his spare time crawling around on the floor with the newest member of his family.

SERI MATS scholars (2023)

Karina Belokapov

Pranav Gade

Simon Lermen

Timothee Chauvin