FoxVox is an open-source Chrome extension powered by GPT-4. We created FoxVox to demonstrate how AI can be used to subtly manipulate the content you consume.

What can FoxVox do?

It can manipulate how we see political figures.

Or how we view controversial policies.

It can even slant the whole New York Times to look like it was written by Fox, or by Vox.

Why is this dangerous?

  • Siloed realities: Companies, governments, and cyber criminals already know a lot about you. Cookies track your internet activity, and companies pay data brokers hundreds of billions of dollars to influence which content lands in your newsfeed. But now, news providers, marketers, and political campaigns have the ability to rewrite articles on the fly tailored to your medical condition, political beliefs, or the age of your children. You’d never even know that the content had been optimized to conform to your worldview.
  • Propaganda: Effective propaganda often involves interpreting facts to favor a specific viewpoint, as opposed to spreading outright lies. AI models can take a stream of real human content, mold it en masse into realistic news titles and articles, and flood the internet with politically charged content.
  • Hidden biases: AI models have political biases. When those models are incorporated into our daily lives, the subtle changes they cause may go unnoticed.
  • Breakdown of trust: It is already difficult to know what to believe on the internet. The cumulative effects of ubiquitous AI-generated content could lead to increased polarization and further the breakdown of public discourse, informed decision-making, and institutional trust.

FoxVox is fast and cheap

It can process large pages like the NYT in less than 10 seconds, and can process hundreds of pages for less than $20. The text quality could be significantly improved by using chain of thought reasoning, which would either cost more or take longer to load.

Try FoxVox yourself

  1. Install the Chrome extension
  2. Set your own OpenAI API key or use one provided. (Your data is only stored locally, so your keys will be safe.)
  3. Visit your favorite website!
  4. (This is a quick-and-dirty demo. If something goes wrong, just restart the plugin).

As a warm-up, you can rewrite your coworker’s twitter, github, or linkedin account. Show them your screen for a fun reaction! Just make sure to stop them before they change all their passwords :)